Micha Heilbron

Assistant professor. Cognitive AI; Computational cognitive (neuro)science


I am an Assistant Professor of Cognitive AI at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), based at Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC). I work at the intersection of cognitive science and AI, primarily studying how brains and artificial systems understand language and make sense of the world.

Before coming to the UvA, I did a post-doc in the Predictive Brain Lab at the Donders Institute, and obtained a PhD at the Donders Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen (NL) under the supervision of Floris de Lange and Peter Hagoort, respectively. Before that I was trained in Amsterdam (UvA), London (UCL) and Paris (ENS & UPMC).

I am interested in supervising all kinds of projects. If you would like to work with me, please have a look at my Research page for directions and info.



Jun 24, 2024 I am teaching LLMs during the NeuroAI summerschool and the UvA de Groot LLM masterclass
Nov 6, 2023 New general audience essay about AI out in The Dutch Review of Books (unpaywalled)
Oct 12, 2023 New paper about modelling eye movements during reading out in Open Mind
Jun 21, 2023 I received an Otto Hahn Medal Medal and the Otto Hahn Award from the Max Planck Society
May 19, 2023 Two papers accepted to CCN 2023 – see you in Oxford!
Apr 4, 2023 I accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Cognitive AI at the University of Amsterdam
Dec 27, 2022 New paper on predictive processing in music perception out in eLife
Sep 26, 2022 Short essay on the opportunities of AI for the study of the predictive brain out in TICS
Sep 13, 2022 Article and interview about my research in national newspaper Trouw (unpaywalled)
Aug 16, 2022 Our latest paper on prediction in natural language comprehension just came out in PNAS
Aug 15, 2022 New paper on modelling expectation suppression out in Oxford Open Neuroscience